Reddish brown hair color

Ranging from a softly-toned, subtle auburn to a rich and deep russet, reddish brown hair is found in a choice minority of people…and is their crowning jewel. Reddish brown hair is an immediate marker. When someone with reddish brown hair is seen, thoughts of people with northern and western European heritage, and in particular those of Scottish and Irish heritage, come to mind. And heritage isn’t the only thing that immediately comes to mind.

Fair or not, personality characteristics have long been associated with people who have reddish brown hair. Give a physical description of a person mentioning that they have reddish brown hair and ask what their personalities will be like. More often than not, it will be assumed that the person is “fiery” and “turbulent” yet “fun loving”. Those with reddish brown hair are rarely perceived as “wall flowers”, but more often they are perceived as the ones in the middle of everything.

For those not lucky enough to be born with chestnut locks, today’s hair color choices allow anyone to join the fun. Take a page out of the books of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Lindsey Lohan and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz who chose to brighten their looks and locks with a walk down the reddish brown hair aisle. With a quick trip to the hair salon or the local drug store, anyone can enjoy a new hair color ranging from the luxurious chestnut browns, to the intense auburns, to the firey gingers which are all included in the reddish brown hair color category. Today’s at home hair color is so easy that it makes it possible for anyone to join the exciting world of the “gingers”. However, there are a few caveats in choosing the right reddish brown hair color for your skin tones.

When choosing a reddish brown hair color to give your world a little shake up, pay attention to the underlying tones of your skin tones. It you have “cool tones” in your skin, (pink or blue skin undertones fall into the cool category), look for a reddish brown hair color that has a “blue base” to it. Those with yellow or golden skin undertones have a warm skin tone and it will suit you better to carry that “golden tone” through to the new color. This will help keep your new color looking natural and like you were born with it.

Whether reddish brown hair is a new look to spice things up or you were lucky enough to be born with the coveted color, enjoy knowing that your reddish brown hair makes you a stand out!