Hair Loss And Vitamin D

People who suffer from hair loss tend to get upset when it comes to their hair. This is because hair loss is a very noticeable issue. People who suffer from it are sometimes also experience insecurity and defensiveness.

The good news is that Vitamin D might be able to stop or reduce hair loss. According to research deficiency in the vitamin can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. The studies suggest that ample supply of Vitamin D can help get rid of this problem.  Therefore, Vitamin D can be a natural way to stop hair loss in its tracks.

The problem is that many doctors and nutritionist recommend Vitamins but do not really recommend vitamin D specifically. Vitamin D is needed to keep skin, bones, teeth and hair follicles healthy.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth goes something like this: hair follicles produce hair for around 2 to 6 years before it begins to fall out. The hair follicles then lie dormant ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The new hair that grows again is stronger.

However, sometimes instead of being dormant, the hair goes into “permanent sleep” mode this is to say that they do not awaken to produce new hair. If many follicles in the same area go into permanent sleep mode, this creates a bald patch in the head. Chemical communications and other imbalances in the body can cause follicles to go to permanent sleep.

Vitamin D’s Role

Vitamin D may not solve the problem completely but it can help alleviate symptoms of hair fall and hair loss. Since Vitamin D helps renew follicles it can stop follicles from going into permanent sleep mode. Remember that hair follicles produce hair and then go to sleep mode. In order to stop them into going into permanent sleep Vitamin D is needed in order to stimulate and renew the follicles.

So if you suffer from hair loss, try consuming foods with lots of Vitamin D. Eat lots of fish, fortified milk, liver beef and Swiss Cheese. Get lots of sunshine too as this is another natural source of Vitamin D.