Best business administration courses in the USA

There are so many courses that are availed in the USA to the students who live inside or outside the United States. The students are offered with multiple course options in the field of business administration.

Business Analytics course:

Business analytics course is one of the top courses which is an eight weeks course offered in one of the prestigious universities, Harvard University of United States. This course equips to teach the strong skills to be used in the daily business schedules. Students learn the interpretation of business decision making. It also teaches developing and testing of the hypothesis and also the relationship between the business variables. It is one of the best courses in business administration.

Foundations of Business Strategy:

Another top listed business administration course is the Foundations of Business Strategy which is a one-month course offered at Coursera in its participation with the University of Virginia. By its name, one might know that its main aim is to teach the strategies of business which allows the students to learn the use of SWOT, competitive and environmental business values and strategic analysis.

IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals-Cybersecurity and social implications:

This course is also one of the top listed courses in business administration. The course is for three to six hours per week for three weeks on an online learning system named as ‘edx-online learning platform. It is also listed in the computer sciences as well as an important course in business field. There are so many students who opt for it as a business professional course.


The above-mentioned courses are very few of the so many courses offered by the universities of the United States of America. These are among the most opted and preferred choices of students along with a significant scope.

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