How to make yourself more attractive with growing a minoxidil beard

Increase your Minoxidil beard growth!

“Start using minoxidil and see the results in just a few months. Having a bushy beard is possible for everyone, even if their genetics dont want for it to happen”

Today‘s society puts quite a lot of emphasis on looks. And social media has escalated it even further. More and more individuals are putting up pictures on Instagram or Facebook, with hopes of getting attention from others. And while most would think that this behavior is common only among women, there are more than enough men who do it too. Plenty of features make a guy attractive, but if there is one thing that a different sex can‘t resist, it is a beard.

However, not everyone out there has what it takes to grow a bushy beard. And the best way to remedy the situation would be getting some outside help. Nowadays, Rogaine is one of the top sellers in the hair product department. It has a certain amount of minoxidil. You might be wondering what this has to do with beards. Well, the answer is simple – no matter where you apply minoxidil, it will still stimulate the growth. With one condition – there has to be hair follicles.

All men have follicles around their faces. It‘s just that not all bodies can produce the desired result. But if you can make stuff work for you, everything is possible. While a minoxidil beard will take time to show, once it is there, you will be the talking point of everyone in your circle of friends and colleagues.

Are there any downsides to using minoxidil?

Lowering blood pressure was the reason for using the ingredient at first. So you can expect something like that to happen occassionaly. If you do see some other information about a negative side of minoxidil, don‘t take it all. It‘s more than likely that some companies are spreading false information to discourage you from trying it out. You know, competition and all that. In reality, chances of any real side effects are extremely small.

What product you should go with?

There are two choices you can make. Either choose one with the concentation of 5%, or 2%. The main difference between the two is the increased risk of side effects and some thickness of hair, as well as an improvement of growth itself. Though in all honesty, these don‘t really differ that much. Testing both and seeing which works better could also be an option.

How long do you need to wait until the results are there?

It varies from person to person. Some notice changes after 2 to 3 weeks. Others, however, don‘t see the difference until 3 to 6 months. Whatever group you belong to, note that this requires patience.

Foam versus Liquid Minoxidil:

There‘s no difference between these in terms of results. Most prefer the foam, though. It is easier to apply, and the liquid tends to run, which can get pretty annoying. Once again, it is entirely up to your personal preference.

What should you do with the beard during the usage of Minoxidil?

Once you start your treatment, you might be wondering whether to let the beard grow, or shave it. Either way is good. But there is one thing to take into account. Once applied, minoxidil needs to stay on the skin for at least 4 hours. Make sure of that before you wash or shave your face.

So what happens after you grow the beard?

You might be thinking that once you stop using the product, your minoxidil beard will no longer grow after shaving it. Or worse, you will start losing the hair. That‘s certainly not the case. The goal behind all this is the activation of hair follicles. Once they start doing their thing, don‘t expect for the magic to stop. Sure, if you do end up getting rid of minoxidil, the growth will slow down. But you will not lose anything.


You should see these before and after Minoxidil beard transformations

Below you will see the results of using minoxidil for a few months. And in some cases, you can expect results in as little as two to three weeks.

The best example of using minoxidil. Before using -> 2 months of using minoxidil -> 4 months of using minoxidil.

Another excellent example of the product. 1 and a half months of minoxidil -> 13 months of minoxidil

For even more impressive transformations using minoxidil, check out this video:


Every guy out there dreams about having a bushy beard, whether he wants to admit it or not. And if the body doesn‘t want to grow it naturally, there is no better supplement than minoxidil. No real argument could be made against putting it on your face in order to boost the growth of hair.